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30 Funny Milestone Cards
Little Happiness Oman

30 Funny Milestone Cards

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30 Funny Milestone Cards to Capture Baby's Funny Moments

  1. A legend has been born
  2. Daddy dressed me today
  3. Don't be fooled by my cuteness!
  4. Today I had my first haircut (I wasn't happy)
  5. I don't want to go to SLEEP!!
  6. I got my first tooth (It HURTS!!)
  7. I haven't let mommy sleep for a whole week
  8. I kept my mom up all night
  9. I said my first word today and it was "BABA"
  10. I said my first word today and it was "MAMA"
  11. I slept for a whole hour!!
  12. I woke up like this.. Kidding I haven't been to sleep
  13. I am a member of no sleep club
  14. Just ruined another outfit
  15. My Dad actually changed my nappy today.. It's a miracle
  16. peed everywhere.. Don't care..
  17. Peed on Daddy today Not even sorry
  18. Today I fit my foot in my mouth. What’s your supper power?
  19. Today I ate solid food and made a mess
  20. Today I cried nonstop for no reason
  21. Today I peed on Mommy
  22. Today I rolled over and got stuck
  23. Today I had my injections (I Screamed!!)
  24. Today I pooped in the bath
  25. Today I did my first poo explosion
  26. Today I had a public meltdown
  27. Today I refused to sleep in my cot
  28. Today I refused to wear clothes
  29. Today, Mommy dropped her phone on my face. We both cried
  30. Why does mommy dress me like this?!